6 Diet Tricks You’ve Tried but Just Don’t Work

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Let’s be honest: We’ve all tried a couple of diet tips and bought a couple of diet books in hopes of losing a few pounds fast. But now we’ve learned that fast does not always mean it’ll work.

Maybe there was an important event coming up and you needed to drop a few pounds before the big day, or maybe you were just hoping that the “quick fix” would really work. Sometimes they work but we pack on the pounds right after and sometimes these little diet tricks just make us downright hungry.

Whatever your excuses may be, we’ve all been there. Here are 5 diet tricks we’ve tried and know that they just don’t work (but who knows, we may try them again one day with false hopes?)

1 – Skipping Breakfast

Skipping breakfast may sound like a fast pass to fewer calories in the day but it is also the fast track to a poor metabolism and low energy. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, hands-down. That’s because not only does it give you the energy and wake-up that your body needs to start the day, but that first meal tells your body it’s time to start digesting which means you’ll end up burning more calories for the whole day!

2 – Juice Cleanses

Sure, cleansing is great. It can help flush out toxins in your body and the overload of vitamins from the veggies can make your skin glow. But having a healthy diet on a day to day basis can do the same things! Juice cleanses often leave us feeling tired and, yup, hungry! Chewing food burns calories, too and helps us feel more satisfied. Plus, the time your body needs to digest food helps keeps us full longer. Juices leave us feeling like we need more. Try a healthy mixture of fruit/veggie juices with whole meals as well!

3 – Single Food Diets

I am not sure why, but single food diets always seem intriguing. Something about sticking to just one food for a few days makes a diet seem easy. But in reality, it’s a recipe for disaster. Not only are our bodies missing out on important nutrients that one single food cannot give us, but we will also end up so starved for different foods we will often end up binging. So put the 10 pounds of celery down and reach for a hearty salad instead.

4 – Raw Food Diets

Raw food is not the worst diet trick we could turn to, but it’s certainly not the best either. That’s because, most often, when dieters begin a new diet intended to only last a few days for quick weight loss, they aren’t very well-equipped with nutritional knowledge. Some raw foods in a diet are fantastic—like raw vegetables and things like unsalted nuts—but too much of a good thing can be bad. Foods like lean meats are intended to be cooked. So stick to the basics and leave raw foods for the produce aisle.

5 – Soup/Tea Diet

Much like the single food diet, when you limit yourself to only a couple of items like green tea all day or liquid soups, you’re bound to get hit by a ton of cravings and end up binging. The lack of nutritional variety will leave you feeling tired and groggy and cannot be sustained for a long time. Soups and green tea are good ideas, but only in combination with healthy meals.

6 – Zero Carb Diet/ No Fat Diet

Skipping an entire nutritional source is never a good idea. We need carbs, healthy fats, and even sugars from good sources like fruits in our daily diets to keep us going. Villainizing a single food group or macronutrient is not going to help you lose weight in the long run. Well-balanced diets are always key…and that way, we’ll never need to turn to desperate diet tricks to lose a quick couple of pounds.