The emerging world of CrossFit – worth the hype?

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There are increasingly more people enthusiastically declaring the worth of CrossFit. A relatively new concept, CrossFit has become very popular all around the world.

It is a high intensity, energetic, enjoyable, and varied workout. In fact, no two CrossFit workout is ever the same.

crossfitThis means that you will constantly be given new challenges, and use different parts of your body in every session. For many, this style of working out is much more enjoyable than just going to the gym.

The primary focus of CrossFit is strength and conditioning work. You may be swinging a rope or doing squats, and these exercises are trying to replicate movements you do during your normal day or are common in other sports.

Unlike simply pumping iron in the gym, a CrossFit workout should enhance you as an athlete in general.

The importance of having a set structure to your workout can also not be underestimated. It is definitely challenging to motivate yourself on occasion if it is just you in the gym.

With a routine already in place, and the encouragement of an instructor, it is inevitable that you will push yourself harder than if you were on your own.

You will always be encouraged to push your body to the limit and get the maximum value out of every session. Sometimes, this leaves you in a heap on the floor!

There has been some criticism of CrossFit in the fitness injury, though. People say that more injuries are sustained in a CrossFit gym because there is less focus on the technique of the movements.

During the intensity of a CrossFit workout, sometimes the form of different exercises gets forgotten. I think there is definitely some validity in this argument.

However, if you are conscious that this might be a problem, you can always talk to the instructors at your gym to perfect the movement.

If you have not tried it, I strongly recommend you give it a go if you are hoping to get into some form of exercise.

Many people who have not had the motivation to go to a normal gym have been transformed by the world of CrossFit. It is not for everyone, but it is worth finding out if it might be something that would suit you.

Prices vary from city to city, so it is worth checking how much they charge at the CrossFit centre near to you.

If you are reading this and do not live near a CrossFit gym, there are many resources on the internet that will give you different routines to do at home.

This may require you buy some equipment, but none of it is fancy or expensive.

For example, you can buy thick pieces of rope very inexpensively. It might take you a little longer to get everything set up yourself, but it is very possible. If you can, try and find yourself a workout buddy to help you with motivation!