Cleanse For Life Side Effects & User Reviews

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Cleanse For LifeIsagenix is a company that touts itself as an organization that wants to positively impact the health and wellness industry. The MLM company has a varied line of products for skin care, nutrition, cleansing, and even weight loss, including Cleanse For Life.

Cleanse For Life is advertised as a cleansing and weight loss tool that also boosts energy and helps promote good health (a lot of promises in one neat package). Bottles of the weight loss aid are sold in packs of two (at 32 oz each), good enough for two days of cleansing.

It seems that the product is part of an accelerated 9-day program, promising to help you drop an average of 7 pounds within that time frame using meal replacement options, shakes like Cleanse For Life, soups, and more.

But while all of these sound nice, there are glaring holes in the weight loss supplement. For starters, there’s no money back guarantee to protect consumers if the product doesn’t work for them. A quick look at the ingredients also revealed that none of its components have been tried and tested for weight loss, not to mention the complete package it’s a part of is quite expensive.

But here’s the worst: numerous consumers have reported about Cleanse For Life side effects, which the product information didn’t warn about.

One consumer tried the product after hearing and reading great reviews about the weight loss supplement. The first month was amazing he thought: he lost weight and everything felt normal…until he started feeling “not right” after a few more days of taking the supplement. He had to stop and gained all the pounds he shed as fast as he lost them.

There’s another consumer who tried to persevere through the uncomfortable period that other consumers have reported about. He was happy about losing so much weight and sticking to the program…even though he’s not feeling good about it.

The end result: the reviewer ended up in the hospital. The doctors told him that the weight loss supplement altered the electrolytes and chemicals in his system, and should that continue, it can lead to serious problems.