FitMiss Cleanse Side Effects & User Reviews

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FitMiss Cleanse is particularly created by MusclePharm to help women detoxify their bodies. This product is not recommended to men.

FitMiss CleanseAccording to the manufacturer’s claims, it is not only recommended to detoxify the body, but also to clarify the internal processes.

Toxins are the modern enemies of the human body, so figuring a way to clear them is imperative.

FitMiss Cleanse is part of a larger FitMiss collection, which brings in products for cleansing, fat loss and muscle building.

It has a series of ingredients – over 20 of them. From this point of view, the product tries to be a jack of all trades.

It is less likely to happen though, especially as most of them are obviously not in the optimal doses.

Some of them include caffeine, guarana, yerba mate, green coffee, chromium, garlic, kelp, raspberry ketones, 5-HTP, dandelion and others.

About the Manufacturer

FitMiss Cleanse is not the one and only product from MusclePharm. Over the past years, a series of products have hit the market. Not all of them are too popular though.

Their popularity has barely exceeded a year, as more and more people have reached to the conclusion that they cannot meet their expectations. On a different note, the manufacturer does not provide too many details about its products – not even the daily value recommendations for its ingredients.

It does states on the official website that none of its products is FDA approved. Sure, FDA has nothing to do with dietary supplements, unless real problems arise.

But other than that, no one can guarantee for the safety of its products. Another bad news is that there is no such thing as a satisfaction guarantee.

Therefore, those who are not happy with the product can just get a different one without being refunded.

Side Effects of FitMiss Cleanse

FitMiss Cleanse side effects are mostly related to the ingredients. Some of them are in higher doses, but the truly helpful ones are barely there, so they are almost useless.

  • Caffeine: Available in high doses, caffeine can cause serious problems in those who are sensitive to it. It will also lead to nervousness and even insomnia.
  • Green tea: Green tea works in detoxification, but only if the patient is not allergic to it. This allergy is quite common and leads to severe complications, respiratory problems and swelling.
  • 5-HTP: This substance has never been proven to be safe for the human consumption, so it might contribute to FitMiss Cleanse side effects like anxiety, headaches, sleeplessness and jitteriness.