Isagenix IsaFlush Side Effects & User Reviews

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Isagenix IsaFlushAlthough there are many medical experts out there who state that cleanses and detoxing are unnecessary to maintain good health, many folks to practice both of these regularly. Some folks also perform cleanses to lose weight. One product that advertises itself as being the perfect diet cleanser is Isagenix IsaFlush.

This product is manufactured by a company called Isagenix, which is based in the US. Describing themselves as an ‘innovative health and wellness company providing personalized solutions for lifelong health and wealth’. This company offers many products for weight-loss, energy/ performance and healthy aging.

However, the cold reality is that this product, does not seem to really perform as its marketers claim, nor do they make any mention of the possible (and common) side effects suffered by users of this product.

First and foremost, this product does not really cause your body to lose weight (nor fat). It is designed to cleanse your bowels, which in a weigh removes a certain amount of weight from your body. However, this kind of weight-loss is nothing more than water weight, as well as the removal of waste from your bowels. It is very rare that such action would lead to permanent weight loss. This is especially true since non of the ingredients found in Isagenix IsaFlush affect one’s appetite or metabolism.

Another yellow (if not red) flag to be aware of is that even though the manufacturer claims that Isagenix IsaFlush contains no laxatives, the product does seem to be function effectively as just that, a laxative, in that helps to promote bowel movements.

What’s more, how is it that there can be two different ingredients lists available regarding this product?? This instantly causes the accuracy of any claims made about the diet supplement absolutely questionable, if not doubtful.

So what about side effects? Well, be prepared to be totally turned off from the idea of trying this product:

  • It is quite easy to develop a dependence on laxative-based cleanse products, requiring their usage to pass bowel movements. Hence, they are not recommended for long term use.
  • A clay like discharge may occur when you go to the bathroom; this is troublesome in that the Foods Standards Agency in Britain has warned in the past against consuming any product containing Bentonite clay, a key ingredient in this product. It was noted that it is impossible to confirm where any firm gets Benonite clay for its product(s), which has been known to cause arsenic and/or poisoning in certain cases.
  • Peppermint is known to cause heartburn, as well as allergic reactions such as headaches, flushing and mouth sores.