Almased Side Effects & User Reviews

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The world of dietary supplementation has been flooded over by hundreds of different products.

AlmasedWhereas some promise to deal with body fat by breaking down unwanted fat, others have been created to function as meal replacement products, designed to provide nutrients while helping dieters feel satiated.

What is Almased?

Almased is one of the many meal-replacement shakes available on the market, designed to meet the nutritional demands of overweight people. According to its manufacturers, Almased is supposed to support weight loss in many different ways.

The product is a powder really, that must be mixed with water in order to produce a shake. The product’s label says about the content: soy powder, skim milk, yogurt powder and honey enzymes. Advertising also suggests that it is easy to mix and highly portable.

In addition, the Almased plan suggests that dieters replace all of their meals with this shake. They claim that this supplement together with a vegetable broth dieters are taught to make online is enough to support most adult’s nutritional needs.

Besides, creators claim the product to be a part of an eating revolution aimed at improving people’s overall health by improving their eating habits. They suggest that many health issues are triggered by bad eating habits that can be easily corrected by a replacement shake.

Some reviewers have expressed their concern with the product’s excessive price and not-so-pleasant taste. However, this is not the issue at stake here as manufacturers fail to warn users against Almased’s dangerous side effects.

Who Makes Almased?

Almased was created in Germany by Herbert Trouillé, a German scientist concerned with nutrition. Almased USA was founded in 1998 and has gained a lot of popularity ever since.

Despite being manufactured in FDA approved facilities, this shake has been warned by the FDA due to its claim on diabetes and because of some of Almased’s side effects. Likewise, although the website speaks of scientifically-proven facts, nowhere are we able to find clinical studies that support this claim.

Learning about Almased’s Side Effects

Even if on the official website one reads that adverse effects are rare and unimportant, the truth is that hundreds of reviewers have expressed their dissatisfaction concerning some of the many negative symptoms.

  • Upset Stomach: nausea, vomiting and constipation are common among users. Some share their experiences on how the taste affects their ability to keep the product down.
  • Food-related Allergies: this product’s content is a formula for disaster for people with manifest food allergies. For one thing, soy has been known to cause bloating and constipation in many people. Also, skim milk should keep away those who are lactose-intolerant. Finally, its high honey content should raise a warning sign to the large percentage of the population who are allergic to honey and any of its derivatives.
  • Diabetes Alert: Some people have mistakenly used this product as a means to lower their blood glucose. The sugar content is actually too high for this belief to be true.

Finally, not only is Almased highly unpleasant, but also potentially dangerous to people’s health.