NutriSystem Diet Plan Review

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Hoodia. Stackers. Phentermine. Raspberry Ketone. The list goes on and on – there are literally hundreds of supposed “miracle pills” which will magically melt weight right off a body.

nutrisystyem reviewMost doctors and medical experts, however, will tell you there’s one major reason why people weigh too much: they eat too much of the wrong stuff. (Doctors will also manage to work exercise in there too, of course.)

Whether or not the miracle supplements work, one thing is clear – the truly effective way to lose weight is to eat properly without overeating.

That’s what led to the development of Nutrisystem 40 years ago; in this Nutrisystem review we’ll take a look at why the program works so well.

What is Nutrisystem?

In a nutshell, Nutrisystem is an enforced change in your eating habits.

You’re not given a list of “approved” foods and disgusting recipes; you’re not asked to use calculators and complicated formulas to count calories, carbs or fats; you’re not given pep talks and weighed in front of strangers every week.

With the Nutrisystem program, you first choose a diet plan which fits your lifestyle and tastes.

You then create your own daily menus, from a long list of delicious Nutrisystem foods which fit into the diet plan you’ve selected.


Finally, you order the food and it’s shipped directly to your door; you just mix in fresh fruits and vegetables and follow the menus you’ve already created.

The key to the system is this: dieticians have carefully chosen the foods you’re allowed to pick from.

Portion size and nutritional values are optimized so you’ll be getting the right amount of food, along with the proper balance between protein, fat and carbohydrates.

One other important factor is that with Nutrisystem you eat six small but filling meals per day (including several surprisingly tasty shakes) instead of three larger ones; research has shown this approach greatly aids weight loss and helps you feel full instead of hungry.

Why Would This Approach Work?

Quite frankly, most people have been eating the same way for years, and won’t change their eating habits unless they’re forced to.

Their weight problems are usually due to eating the wrong foods and eating portions that are far too large, so they need two types of help: a sensible diet structure and the right motivation to follow it.


With Nutrisystem, you receive both. The sensible diets you’re allowed to construct and the foods you receive have been rigorously researched, carefully tested, and proven to maximize weight loss.

And the motivation comes quickly after starting the program; Nutrisystem guarantees that after just one week, you’ll have lost five pounds and an inch off your waistline.

What could be better motivation to continue with the system and change your eating habits permanently?

Does Nutrisystem Work?

Absolutely. In fact, we challenge you to find a bad Nutrisystem review anywhere – because you can’t.

thumbs upThis system works for anyone who follows it religiously, with an average weight loss of five to ten pounds every single month.

That’s why Nutrisystem has no problem finding tons of celebrity endorsers like Marie Osmond (who lost 50 pounds) and Dan Marino (who lost 22 pounds).

Unlike some diet supplement manufacturers who make fancy claims about their “science,” Nutrisystem is based on real science, nutrition, and common sense.

If you eat the right amount of healthy foods, you’ll lose weight. Nutrisystem is the system that makes it happen.