Athletic Greens Side Effects & User Reviews

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The world of dietary supplementation is pretty much split into three categories: diet pills, such as fat-burners, appetite-suppressing drinks and meal-replacement products that generally involve powdered products that must be mixed with water to make a meal that replaces actual food.

Athletic Greens

This latter category has been perhaps the most controversial one, as nutrition specialists over the world warn against the dangers of skipping meals or replacing them with so-called nutritional powdered supplements.

What is Athletic Greens?

This product is a powdered replacement meal dietary supplement that is advertised as being highly beneficial to people’s health. In addition, manufacturers claim that it helps dieters save thousands of dollars on real food and medical bills.

What strikes the public’s attention the most is the aggressive (even pushy) advertising campaign, trying to persuade people that athletics Green is much healthier than actual food and that time spent on cooking is a real waste of time.

The contents of this supplement include a wide array of apparently nutritious substances, like various fruits and vegetables. Nevertheless, when one takes a closer look at the list of ingredients, the cocktail begins to look suspicious.

For one thing, there is some false advertising in the product’s advertising; for instance, the label lists spinach and carrots or different types of fruit. However, a clinical study has revealed the powder to contain strange ingredients, such as Milk thistle, some diuretics and a good amount of laxatives.

Besides, probiotics have also been found in the contents, which is highly negative for human health as these substances have been reported by the medical world to have a warning regarding their use.

The supplement is meant to replace one meal a day and users are apparently supposed to mix the powder with water (this fact is not clear in the product’s instructions).

The Company behind the Product

This “superfood cocktail” is manufactured and marketed by an American company called Athletic Greens (USA). With subsidiaries over the world, the company is mostly internet-based and its highly attractive websites are the open doors for customers-to-be to learn about the company and order their products.

In fact, they use a free trial period that requires online subscription (via a credit card). The public has been warned against this type of sales strategy as it is scam borderline. Many customers have put forward complaints regarding their automatic billing system.

Meant to make shopping easier, the system bills the products to customers automatically, thus discounting the amount from their credit cards. Terminating the contract is somewhat difficult and requires an awful amount of red tape.

Athletic Greens’ Side Effects

There are so many adverse reactions that the list would be endless. These are the most serious ones:

Blood Pressure: Linked to the high ginger content, high blood pressure is a result of the interference of this substance with blood-thinning medication.

Increased Urination: Due to the presence of heavy diuretics, this supplement may cause dehydration and loss of excessive electrolytes.

Diarrhea and Intestinal Pain: anybody taking laxatives is prone to suffer from these symptoms.

In all, meals cannot be replaced by powdered supplements without paying a high price healthwise.