Atro-Phex Side Effects & User Reviews

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Atro-PhexAtro-Phex – marketed as an energy supplement and weight loss aid in one – is touted by the manufacturer as an effective way to manage one’s weight; boost energy levels; maintain a balanced mood; control appetite; and it even improves cognitive function!

This diet pill sure packs a lot of punch – according to the company behind it at least. An Atro-Phex pill said to contain 5 separate complexes – all 5 included to produce positive, health-improving effects such as fat reduction; energy increase; mood and mental optimizers; water weight reduction; and the list goes on.

Consumers are advised to take the supplement everyday and follow a good diet and exercise plan, essential in inducing the intended effects of the diet pill. This is kind of surprising because most weight loss supplements out there focus on quick-fixes, weight loss without making the slightest lifestyle change.

But while that sounds nice, there are a couple of Atro-Phex side effects one must be careful about. It’s important to keep in mind that the diet pill isn’t approved by the FDA, and extra care must be taken when opting for weight loss aids like this. Even worse, while the ingredients included are potentially helpful for weight loss, none of them have undergone conclusive studies – and that means the claims of Atro-Phex’s manufacturer, as awesome as they sound, are not backed by science!

The diet pill contains caffeine, and caffeine sensitive people may experience Atro-Phex side effects. This include jitteriness, excitability, increased heart rate, and other side effects common with stimulant- or caffeine-based supplements. When taken indiscriminately and in large amounts, it could cause side effects that are potentially dangerous to one’s health.

The medical community may endorse certain brands of diet pills, but they hardly endorse the likes of Atro-Phex. It contains ingredients that are not backed by science (and padded with too-good-to-be-true promises if I may add), even potentially dangerous and can bring side effects! It shouldn’t be surprising that we don’t recommend it, but if you want to give it a try anyway, it is highly recommended that you speak to your doctor before you buy and take this diet pill.