BPI B4 Side Effects & User Reviews

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Produced by BPI Sports, BPI B4 is one of the few supplements released by this manufacturer. It is advertised as a workout supplement.

BPI B4It is available in capsules and must be taken once a day. Its main goal is to burn stubborn fat deposits that workouts fail to tackle.

The manufacturer describes BPI Sports to be a regulator for adipose tissues, dopamine modulator and central nervous system stimulant.

The “ultimate weight loss formula” has been released in 2013. The company also includes some before and after pictures on the official website, yet those things are never believable enough.

BPI B4 is mostly based on caffeine, endrobium noble and canavalia glandiata seeds. It also contains psoralea corylifoia, red wine concentrate and other similar ingredients.

It is hard to tell why the manufacturer has mostly included scientific names, rather than popular names. Perhaps it wants its customers to fail in researching the product and its effects.

About the Manufacturer

BPI Sports has released a series of supplements overtime. In 2012, it made it to most newspapers. Unfortunately, that was not a moment to be proud of.

Along with two other brands, the company was targeted in a class action complaint regarding a popular ingredient – DMAA – that was used in two supplements.

BPI Sports decided to reformulate its supplements to overcome these problems, but it was still targeted in other complaints later on.

Other than that, there is absolutely no clinical evidence regarding BPI B4 or other supplements. No one can tell their side effects apart from unfortunate consumers.

Just like most other supplements out there, this one is not FDA approved either. The FDA analyzes supplements only when they are targeted by complaints.

Side Effects

The BPI B4 side effects are quite diversified and float around the ingredients.

  • Caffeine: Available in high doses, caffeine might have some slight effects over weight loss, but they are irrelevant. Side effects are more obvious then, whether it comes to arterial tension, nervousness or insomnia.
  • Nausea: According to most consumers, nausea and lightheadedness are the most common side effects of this supplement. They are closely followed by vertigo and dizziness.
  • Nervousness: The nervousness associated with caffeine leads to nausea, jitters and vomit. Some consumers have reported a high pulse and tension. If your body is sensitive, the BPI B4 side effects can seriously affect your health.

Finally, the most important side effect is money loss. Most people complain about not spotting any visible effects.