Cellucor D4 Thermal Shock Side Effects & User Reviews

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Cellucor D4 Thermal ShockCellucor D4 Thermal Shock isn’t just a diet supplement; it’s also an energy booster according to the manufacturer. What’s more, the supplement promises to deliver high energy levels and good weight loss results – minus the energy crash and jitteriness later in the day that many experience when taking energy boosters.

Cellucor seems to be specially formulated for people who exercise regularly. It is meant to be taken for 8 consecutive weeks at a maximum dose of 2 capsules per day – one in the morning and one in the afternoon if desired (at least 6 hours after first intake).

It turns out that the diet supplement contains yohimbe and caffeine, stimulants that can energize but lead to setbacks when taken indiscriminately.

Take note: you shouldn’t take more than 2 capsules a day and it’s highly recommended that you consume a lot of water when taking Cellucor. It can be taken on an empty but it’s highly advisable that you take it with a meal. Doing so slows down the absorption of the ingredients, minimizing the chances of Cellucor D4 Thermal Shock side effects which we’ll look into in a bit.

You can also take 2 capsules in the morning instead of spreading it throughout the day if you think you can. It all boils down to your tolerance. So start slow! This lets you assess your personal tolerance to the diet pill

Now we get to the Cellucor D4 Thermal Shock side effects. Its caffeine content can cause increased urination, heart palpitations, increased blood pressure, and even sleeping problems. Caffeine is present in other foods and drinks so it’s very important to limit your caffeine intake from other sources so you don’t overstep your limit. Keep in mind too that you shouldn’t take Cellucor in the evening as it could interfere with your sleep.

Yohimbe, on the other hand, have even worse side effects associated with it. Side effects include irregular / rapid heartbeat, kidney failure, seizure, and even heart attacks in some cases. All in all, Cellucor is more than capable of delivering energy to active individuals who regularly exercise and want to lose weight, but one needs to be very careful of the potential side effects.