CLA 1000 Side Effects & User Reviews

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CLA 1000 belongs to a group of several supplements created by EVLUTION NUTRITION for weight loss. The supplement must be taken orally.

CLA 1000It is available in softgels and can be commercialized by re-sellers too.

In a profitable weight loss industry where everyone tries to make money, the manufacturer plays a different card and claims on safety.

In fact, it is even indicated to never sacrifice the personal health for better looks.

Apart from CLA 1000, other similar products in the CLA series are based on similar ingredients and provide more or less intense results.

CLA 1000 consists of three main ingredients – CLA, glycerin and gelatin. Given the low number of ingredients, consumers are invited to conduct some research on their own and figure how they actually work.

About the Manufacturer

EVLUTION NUTRITION is the name behind CLA 1000. Over the past years, the manufacturer has come up with multiple products in the same series. So far, so good, but some of the claims prove an obvious intention of misinformation.

CLA 1000 is advertised to be FDA approved, yet it is not. It is not unapproved either. In fact, FDA’s power over dietary supplements is almost null. Therefore, anyone who creates such a supplement can claim that it is considered to be safe by the FDA.

This marketing technique has caught a lot of people in the net. However, proper research proves that there are no public or professional tests regarding CLA 1000. The CLA 1000 side effects are not known either.

CLA 1000 Side Effects

Just like other names in the CLA series, CLA 1000 is based on Conjugated Linoleic Acid. Most people are not aware of it. The dose is set at 1,000mg.

It is considered suspicious, especially since the same acid is taken from everyday foods and its amounts rarely exceed 100mg.

There are no tests regarding medical and supplemental doses, yet the CLA 1000 side effects are known.

  • Bleeding disorders: The conjugated linoleic acid has been linked to serious effects over the blood. It is recommended in thinning blood, but it can also cancel the natural clotting capability, leading to hemorrhages.
  • Metabolic problems: The same acid has been intensively studied and associated with metabolic syndromes. At the same time, these syndromes have a series of complications.
  • Diabetes: It is the most severe complication caused by the CLA and it occurs over long periods of regular usage, especially in high doses.