CLA 1250 Side Effects & User Reviews

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Produced by MRM, CLA 1250 is a common weight loss supplement introduced as the ultimate product in this field. The supplement is available in two different packages.

CLA 1250It is given as softgels. The manufacturer tries to underline the safe profile of this supplement by claiming that no one should sacrifice their health to lose a few pounds.

CLA 1250 is part of a larger collection of CLA supplements and most of them work by the same principles. Other than that, it is usable by both men and women.

CLA 1250 is based on three ingredients – CLA, gelatin and glycerin. The good news is that researching each of them can help consumers determine whether they may actually work or not.

There are no hidden dangers behind scientific names, yet it does pay off to determine how healthy these ingredients actually are.

About the Manufacturer

CLA 1250 is manufactured by MRM. MRM has released an entire collection based on similar ingredients. It proudly claims that its supplements are considered to be safe by FDA too.

However, the FDA does not really get involved in the supplement industry. Therefore, anyone who creates such supplements will be considered to be safe.

MRM uses this regulation as a solid marketing technique. The truth is that there are no public clinical tests to prove the efficiency of this product, not to mention its safety.

At the same time, official descriptions have always mentioned that the respective products may or might help in fat loss and lean muscle improvement. Therefore, these marketing campaigns are based on some nicely put words, but no clinical studies.

CLA 1250 Side Effects

CLA 1250 side effects are related to the conjugated linoleic acid side effects. In fact, CLA stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid. The dose has 1,250mg of CLA.

The average diet counts 15 to 175mg of CLA on a daily basis. The huge dose is a good enough reason to start worrying. The safety of CLA when taken in medicinal or supplemental amounts is not thoroughly tested.

  • Bleeding: CLA slows the blood capacity to clot. Therefore, bleeding disorders will aggravate, but they may also be caused by the supplement itself.
  • Diabetes: There are several tests on the CLA 1250 side effects that prove a link between this supplement and diabetes.
  • Metabolic syndrome: Metabolic syndromes come with multiple complications. One of them is diabetes.
  • Surgery complications: Given the effects over the blood, CLA 1250 is likely to cause complications during and after surgical operations.