CLA 95 Side Effects & User Reviews

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CLA 95 claims to help people build up their body mass and body density through the creation of hard muscles.

CLA 95This product is intended for the extreme weight lifter who is trying to quickly gain muscle without going the illegal steroids route.

It’s a step in that direction, and should not be seen as something to take lightly. In fact, this product should not even be taken more than once a day.

It is pretty powerful stuff and will keep even the most extreme weight lifter going for hours on end. However, this powerful supplement does come at a price. This price is the customer’s health as it is severely taxing on the body.

CLA 95 by AllMaxNutrition

This company did not design this product with the faint of heart in mind. In fact, many customers have written that they will continue taking this as long as their body can hold out.

While it does impact weight loss and muscle gain, it takes a serious toll on the body and can be really damaging to the intestines that are trying to digest such an intense drug.

However, customers mainly reported gaining muscle with this supplement, not actually losing weight so that’s something to consider if users are looking for a weight loss product.

AllMaxNutrition has created a product full of bad chemicals that do accomplish its goal but at the cost of the user’s body and health.

CLA 95 Side Effects

As mentioned above, this is an intense drug. However, CLA 95’s side effects are not to be messed with. Many customers reported a variety of issues that range from minor to severe.

  • Constipation: many customers reported that they found the supplement to leave them extremely constipated when taken for longer than two weeks. Of course, in order to see any progress one must take this product for more time than two weeks so the risk of stomach issues and constipation is really high. It was also recommended that this product was always taken with food.

It’s important to remember that this is a product for serious athletes and body builders, and is not recommended for those who are struggling to lose weight or simple want a tool to be healthier. This is a product for die hard fanatics who are looking to build muscle.