CLA Core Side Effects & User Reviews

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CLA Core is just one of the multiple CLA based supplements released by MusclePharm. It is only available in softgels, so other alternatives are probably counterfeit.

CLA CoreCLA stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid. The supplement was originally released in 2008. The manufacturer claims that it has no synthetic materials or chemicals.

It is recommended for weight loss. The optimal dose is two capsules on a daily basis. Of course, it is not going to work without a thorough diet.

When it comes to its ingredients, those who have tried everything may already familiar with this composition. Apart from the CLA, CLA Core also includes avocado oil and extra virgin olive oil.

The manufacturer promises exquisite results over short periods of time. But are they really worth?

About the Manufacturer

MusclePharm represents a well established name in the weight loss and fitness industry. Over the past years, it has come up with all kinds of products.

They all benefited from a top marketing campaign, so they were released with bells and whistles, yet they lost their popularity within a year or two.

MusclePharm is based on supplements. The FDA does not analyze supplements, unless consumers come up with too many complaints regarding quality and safety.

With all these, the manufacturer claims that its products are accepted by the FDA. The truth is that FDA accepts all supplements if there are no complaints.

At the same time, it seems that CLA Core is based on scientific research, but no one has found those research studies over the Internet. MusclePharm has also had a little conflict with the FDA when it decided to ban DMAA.

On a different note, Forbes has released some research studies proving that protein powders and supplements lack protein.

MusclePharm was one of the brands whose products were exposed. Many consumers have also blamed a terrible customer service, especially after buying one product or another.

CLA Core Side Effects

The CLA Core side effects are normally related to the ingredients. The two oils in the composition are safe in those doses, but the conjugated linoleic acid comes in an oversize dose.

  • Diabetes: Diabetes is a related complication given by the excessive doses of CLA. It is related to a metabolism disorder.
  • Bleeding: As the CLA prevents the blood from clotting, bleeding will inevitably become a problem, especially during surgeries.
  • Skin problems: More consumers have reported skin related problems. Some of them blame rash, while others claim on acne CLA Core side effects.