Con-Crets Side Effects & User Reviews

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Con-CretIf you have every explored the fitness supplement market, you know that there are a lot of cons out there; a lot of shadowy companies selling snake oil and nothing more.

You also might be familiar with Con-Crets, which has been making waves recently in the market. The marketing team at Con-Crets swears that their patent-pending formula of creatine loads you up on the building blocks of muscle mass without all the nasty side effects? Truth or hype? Let´s dig in and find out for ourselves

The manufacturer of Con-Crets loves to toot their own horn about what the supplement supposedly is:

  • Very pure: No extra, unnecessary Fillers, zero sugar, zero calories
  • Very concentrated: zero loading, zero side effects
  • Special creatine formula
  • Boosts endurance & recovery as well as muscle mass in just two to four weeks
  • Clinically studied and proven to be more potent (yet Not tested or approved by the FDA…?)
  • Absolutely zero side effects (they really did list this twice, for emphasis! But in reality….more on that below!)

The fitness supplement comes in five flavor choices: Unflavored, Lemon Lime, Blue Raspberry, Snake Fruit and Pineapple, and customer reviews do generally give the taste two-thumbs up.

However (and not surprisingly), their website does not mention any possible side effects, of which there are few, and they are all unfortunately quite common.

After gleaning several independent websites that review fitness supplements, we found that users of Con-Crets have often complained about experiencing uncomfortably bloating and water-retention, as well as diarrhea and constipation. What´s more, people also report experiencing a lack of energy midway through their workouts and insomnia at night. This is when you want to be awake during your workout and sleep like a babe when you go to bed for the night (!). Not a good sign at all.

All in all, even though the marketing and hype are pretty solid, in the end, that´s all it is: marketing and hype….and lots of it. The reality is, there are certainly better products out there on the market that can give you the protein you need to build muscle mass, without all those icky issues we just read above on the list of Con-Cret side effects.