Fat Burn X Side Effects & User Reviews

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Shadiness in the world of diet supplementation is nothing new. However, some products are presented as being more trustworthy than others. Some cases are so notorious that it is difficult for the public to realize whether they should try the supplement or not, particularly due to the risk involved with unwanted side effects.

Fat Burn X

This is another fat-burning diet pill that promises to do away with those unwanted greasy cells with the speed of lighting. Advertised as being the result of several years of research and experimentation, Fat Burn X is meant to be taken the following way: two capsules every morning, preferably on a full stomach.

Instructions suggest that users should begin by taking one capsule a day until tolerance is assessed and then move on to the recommended dose. This precaution is vital to ensure dieters’ well-being.

For one thing, the ingredients used to make this fat-burning pill are not clearly listed on the label. Also, even when some substances are mentioned in the formula, the exact amounts cannot be accounted for. This is why there is no telling what type of side effects Fat Burn X may cause on its users.

The main ingredients that are mentioned include caffeine, green tea and grapefruit extract. Nonetheless, the formula also contains Psyllium Husks, Garcinia Cambogia extract, citrus aurantium, Juniper Berry, Apple Cider Vinegar. Prospective users should know that ingredient amounts are not mentioned anywhere on the label, so the formula is somewhat of a mystery.

Who Makes Fat Burn X?

So the plot thickens, another mystery surrounding the identity of this supplement concerns manufacturers. It is not clear who or where the product is made, and although the webpage does provide some information concerning certain details, all the information the public can access is that fatburnx.com is owned and operated by directresponsemarketing.tv, who looks more like a third party maintaining a website, rather than a laboratory.

This makes it very difficult to learn where the product is being made and whether the facilities are FDA-approved or not. In fact, the website shows security stickers that have been taken from other products.

Fat Burn X’s Side Effects

The only piece of information that is clear is that reviewers all over the nation have reported to suffer from unpleasant symptoms related to the product’s intake.

Even when advertising suggests that Fat Burn X is 100% natural, users should be careful with some of the outcomes. First off, so many diuretics and laxatives could only result in a massive digestive disorder.

  • Upset Stomach: Common symptoms include nausea and vomiting, followed by periods of constipation and periods of profuse diarrhea. This is so because if the user does not take enough water, constipation will occur. If on the other hand, the dieter takes too much water, diarrhea will happen. Either way, unusual bowel movements are frequent.
  • Palpitations: One of the symptoms traditionally linked to the consumption of Bitter Orange Extract is increased heart rate, high blood pressure and palpitations.
  • Dehydration: Due to the presence of strong diuretics, this side effect is frequent.

To round up, users are strongly cautioned against the use of Fat Burn X. Side effects are too serious to oversee.