FitMiss Tone Side Effects & User Reviews

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FitMiss Tone has a self explanatory name. It was specifically developed by MusclePharm for women only. It is only available in softgel capsules.

FitMiss ToneAccording to the manufacturer’s specifications, this product is excellent for body shaping, but it also aids body toning.

It is supposed to burn stubborn fat deposits and also increases the metabolism for a faster elimination. Apart from these fat loss processes, FitMiss Tone boosts the muscular tone.

The product is said to have no stimulants, while the ingredients have clinical studies to back them up. FitMiss Tone also belongs to a wider FitMiss series with products for women.

It has three main ingredients – conjugated linoleic acid, avocado oil and extra virgin olive oil. Other than that, the official website does not include any other information. Besides, international shoppers are advised to look for resellers, as the manufacturer only ships to the USA and Canada.

About the Manufacturer

MusclePharm is responsible for a wide plethora of fat burning products over the last years. Many of them hit the market like a boom, but they lost their popularity within the first year due to negative reviews.

Other than that, the lack of details might feel fishy for those who truly want to research their supplements. After all, the weight loss industry is a multi-million one, so modern people no longer swallow whatever pill hits the market.

There are no actual connections between MusclePharm and the FDA. This is because the FDA does not get involved with supplements. It steps in if multiple and serious complaints target a particular product. Given the short life of most MusclePharm products, the brand is clean.

Although the product is often marketed to be considered safe by the FDA, most supplements in this segment are the same.

Side Effects Of FitMiss Tone

FitMiss Tone side effects are mostly related to the ingredients. Avocado oil is safe, as well as extra virgin olive oil. Of course, exaggerating with them will cause mild adverse reactions, but they are insignificant – stomach discomfort or nausea. The conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is more uncomfortable though.

  • Internal and external bleeding: CLA prevents the blood from clotting, so it can cause severe hemorrhages, especially if the patient undergoes a surgery.
  • Diabetes: Diabetes is a dangerous complication of metabolism syndromes, which are also associated with the CLA. The acid should not pose too many problems, but the average individual barely exceeds 100mg per day. The dose in this supplement is 1,000mg, hence the common FitMiss Tone side effects.