Gold Standard 100% Whey Side Effects & User Reviews

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Gold Standard 100 WheyWith the explosion in demand for protein supplements, we have seen a surge in firms offering such supplements, mostly in powder form. We have also seen a spike in shady companies popping up and promising/guaranteeing everything under the sun. What we haven’t seen is a parallel spike in quality products hitting this market niche; not even close- quite the opposite, in fact.

Gold Standard 100% Whey is one of the top brands out there on the market, and its name it bantered around a lot in gyms around the country. Marketed as a post-workout shake, the manufacturer claims that it is the best protein supplement shake on the market today.

Now what the manufacturer does NOT do, is make ANY reference AT ALL to the long list of Gold Standard 100% Whey side effects that you are likely to encounter- and there is a good reason for that:

  • Cholesterol Content: 30mg of cholesterol in one single serving of ANYTHING is never good for the body. With just one shake, you are already up to 20% of the recommended daily limit for cholesterol. And as well all know, too much cholesterol leads to heart disease and/or stroke.
  • Sodium Content: Studies show that 90% of all Americans already have too much sodium in their daily diet. Using this product won’t do you any favors in this department, that’s for sure. Since each scoop has 130mg of sodium, that means you’ve just used up 11% of your daily limit (or 17% if you have been put on a restricted diet by your doctor). A high-sodium diet can bring about heart disease, stroke and/or elevated blood pressure.
  • Excess Protein: Believe it or not, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing (protein in this case). Consuming too excess amounts of protein can lead to high levels of fat stores and extra unwanted pounds, since EXTRA protein becomes fat, NOT muscle. What’s more, a high-protein diet may lead to stomach problems such as diarrhea and worse conditions such as diabetes and kidney disease, not to mention put you are a higher risk for osteoporosis. One scoop of this product weighs in at 24g of protein which is 43% of the daily limit for men and 52% for women.

To sum it all up, regardless of all the hype and marketing blitz surrounding Gold Standard 100% Whey, the reality is that the side effects that come with it just don’t make it worth using this product as a protein supplement.