Hot Rox Extreme Side Effects & User Reviews

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Hot Rox ExtremeWell, maybe it was the insanely fit, pumped-with-testosterone man that swayed me to try Hot Rox Extreme. Or maybe it was the tacky, yet perfect name the producers chose for it. Either way, this fat-burner, lean-maker was quite a gamble. On the one hand, the ingredients deserve some merit. While on the other, side effects seem almost guaranteed…

But what other way to find out other than to try it out? So that I did. First, I researched the ingredients though. What I found out almost simultaneously was that I’m not a hardcore dieter, and that this targets hardcore dieters. You can tell by the website alone.

Each pill contains 500mg of “bio test x19 super thermogenic gel” – in other words a blend of a bunch of inconclusive plant based and synthetic ingredients. It contains Raspberry Ketone (regulates glucose as a “miracle fat burner” according to the ‘in’famous celebrity Dr. Oz), forskolin (a plant suggested to stimulate muscle growth, AKA a fat burning steroid), and Yohimbine (inconclusive evidence as a fat burner), as well as caffeine. All this jargon, what does it mean?

It means Hot Rox Extreme is laced with stimulants and not-so-promising ingredients. At first glance, they seemed OK. But a simple Google search yields compromising results. But let’s get to my personal experiences.

Firstly, the fact that dosage is dependant on tolerance scares me. How do I know my threshold for stimulants? Oh, I guess one has to find out. I started out with 1 capsule two times per day. This did not work in my favor; and I even opted to take it 6 hours before sleep. Well, I found myself tossing and turning every single night, waking up with what probably is morning sickness (vomiting to put it lightly). During the day I found my jaw involuntarily grinding.

And then my mouth turned what seemed like permanently dry. No matter how much water I consumed; it would not budge. My jaw was grinding and my mouth was dry and my stomach was hurting and I couldn’t sleep.

These extreme side effects just weren’t worth supposedly “melting down fat” (It didn’t happen).