Hyper Charge GNC Side Effects & User Reviews

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Hyper Charge is a product that is supposed to give insane levels of energy to its user. This is done with tons of caffeine and other sugars that give the user a quick sugar high but then leave them to crash down at a later date.

Hyper Charge GNCIt’s a product that is very frustrating because it does not really do anything other than give the customer a sugar high. There are many flavors that customers can try, including Raspberry Lemonade that sounds very appealing.

Unfortunately, it would be better to simply drink a Gatorade and get about the same amount of energy and sugar levels. There is nothing special about this product other than the fact that the name makes it appear to have supernatural powers.

Hyper Charge by GNC

GNC has done it again. They’ve managed to create a product that does absolutely nothing besides make the user extremely alert and awake. This product is intended to be more of a pre workout, but it still is completely ineffective.

It’s a shame that GNC is not able to create one product that actually works. This is extremely disappoints, especially considering the big influence that GNC has on the workout work – especially in regard to body building and people that complete in fitness competition.

This is not a product for the beginner and it is not even recommended that anyone else take the product as it will not be effective for anyone.

Hyper Charge Side Effects

This product has a number of side effects that relate to the amount of sugar and caffeine in the product. As seen in many products, tons of caffeine is just not healthy.

Caffeine can cause the following side effects from Hyper Charge:

  • Headaches, shakiness, dizziness, trouble sleeping, increased heart rate, withdrawals

The amount of sugar in this product is also a problem and can cause the following issues:

  • Sugar high, headaches, cavities, mouth ulcers, trouble sleeping, increased energy levels during inopportune times, huge sugar crash at the end

As one can see, the above side effects in Hyper Charge are extremely detrimental and should not be avoided if a customer is using this product.

It is important to realize that this is a serious product that should not be taken lightly. Please consult with a doctor before using this product.