Intensify XTREME Side Effects & User Reviews

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Produced by NDS Nutrition, Intensify XTREME is one of your “partners in nutrition” and aims to stimulate weight loss like no other.

Intensify XTREMEThe thermogenic is based on a hardcore formula designed with precision in mind. What does it claim to do? You can take a wild guess – suppress appetite, boost energy and support fat burning.

Of course, it also provides an intense focus, not to mention the extra diuretic effects. These promises are quite popular in every random supplement, so they are less likely to draw any attention.

When it comes to the actual ingredients, these capsules are based on Vitamins B6 and B12, caffeine, yohimbe bark extract and a unique blend designed by the manufacturer.

It is mostly based on all kinds of natural herbs. It is worth noting that the formula has a few fillers and binders too – gelatin, maltodextrin, Blue #1 and Red #40.

About the Manufacturer

NDS Nutrition has gained a decent popularity overtime, mostly because it keeps releasing one product after another. The interesting news is that most of them have been on the market for about a year before losing their notoriety. This says all about the quality and results.

The supplements created by NDS Nutrition are not approved by the FDA either. The FDA only regulates medications. Therefore, supplements are considered only when too many consumers complain about the safety risks.

When not being targeted by the FDA, most manufacturers cannot prove the clinical research behind their products. You are less likely to find any studies regarding Intensify EXTREME, so it is certainly not worth taking the gamble for results.

Intensify XTREME Side Effects

Check the list of ingredients and you will be surprised to find out that Intensify XTREME has two stimulants, which is highly contraindicated. The Intensify XTREME side effects are likely to get quite severe.

On a funny note, none of the ingredients is proven to suppress the appetite or stimulate the fat burning process. One of the ingredients – 7 Keto – is a blend produced by NDS Nutrition. It does not offer any information about it, so no one knows what it has.

  • Caffeine: Some of the main Intensify XTREME side effects caused by caffeine include insomnia, restlessness, nausea, headaches, hitters, nervousness, stomach upset and rapid heartbeat.
  • Contraindications: Despite being said to be natural, Intensify XTREME is contraindicated to pregnant and nursing women, people who are sensitive to caffeine and people who suffer from blood pressure or glaucoma.