Metabolic Elite Side Effects & User Reviews

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It was designed to supercharge your metabolism. According to the manufacturer, it can burn six times more calories compared to other similar products. It can stimulate the mind and keep the user active throughout the day.

Metabolic EliteIt is formulated to raise the user’s body temperature in order to create an internal environment that is not favorable for the growth of fat cells. The supplement is made of ingredients that will keep the body metabolism high. This article will take a look at some of them later on.

Metabolic Elite by GNC Genetix

GNC stands for General Nutrition Corporation. It is an American commercial enterprise founded in 1935 by a certain David Shakarian. Its focus is to provide its customers with health and nutrition related products. That includes supplements, herbs, minerals, vitamins, sports nutrition and energy products.

GNC is one of the biggest supplement sellers in the USA. While they sell many products manufactured by other companies, they have also launched a range of different supplements and weight loss products under their own range. One of their more successful GNC branded weight loss aids is called Metabolic Elite.

The manufacturers state that Metabolic Elite is proven to ignite calorie burning by six times the normal amount. These claims are rather dramatic, with no real evidence offered on the product’s sales page. This is especially concerning as it shows that there is really no evidence to prove anything about the calorie burning claims.

Customers are essentially consuming a product that has not been testing in the market place and is not safe for users because of this issue. Products must be thoroughly tested in order to be safe. Things do not look good for this weight loss product.

Metabolic Elite Side Effects

Metabolic Elite is a thermogenic. This implies that it contains ingredients that can raise the body temperature. The downside of that is the user can potentially suffer from Metabolic Elite side effects including headaches, anxiety, heart palpitations and jitteriness.

  • Caffeine: this is a particularly important side effect as it is in almost everything. This can cause a lot of heart issues – as mentioned earlier.

There is no proof to prove that GNC has actually created a product that can burn six times more calories.