Opti-Men Side Effects & User Reviews

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Opti-MenSo here we have another weightlifting nutritional supplement- Opti-men. But is it effective? Does it really help with weight reduction and get you totally cut? Let’s find out.

Manufactured by Optimum Nourishment, Opti-men is a regimen for your diet that has a large amount of ingredients which actively increase your metabolism. As an multinational corporation with offices throughout North America and Europe, it would seem that Optimum Nourishment is a legitimate supplement company.`

Each website dedicated to one single country has a phone number, address and e-mail address for the office where it is based. So it certainly seems like it is NOT a fly-by-not-corporation looking to scam you; so far, so good.

So what does this product do exactly? Well, yes- we know it helps you reduce your body weight. However, how exactly does it go about doing this? The website doesn’t exactly explain this in great detail, stating only that it speeds up your metabolism to cause your body to burn more calories, with their secret ‘proprietary blend’.

So what is exactly in this product? Well, the primary ingredients are multivitamins, accompanied by smaller quantities of amino acids, boron, biotin, choline and calcium. However, once again, the manufacturer fails to publish the exact amount of each ingredient found in the product.

So this product seems just about perfect, doesn’t it? Actually, that’s NOT the case. Let’s take a look at the list of Opti-Men side effects:

  • Increased blood pressure
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Fever/ increased (and uncomfortable) body temperature
  • Skin reddening and rash
  • Discolored urine
  • Increased bleeding/ delayed clotting

The elevated heart rate and blood pressure, as well as the nausea and insomnia can be traced back to the high caffeine content in the product.

Studies have shown that nettles and assaw palmetto and pygeum often also cause an upset stomach.

What’s more, reports state that gingko biloba has been shown to the root cause of increased bleeding and delayed clotting.

So, the list of Opti-men side effects is certainly a downer. And to top it off, reports claim that unhealthy levels of lead can also be found in the product. If that, coupled with the list of undesirable side effects doesn’t make you give Opti-men a miss, then what would?