Performix SST Side Effects & User Reviews

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Whereas most diet pills offer appetite suppressing or satiation qualities, there is a category of weight control supplements known as thermogenic products that work on the principle of burning fat.

Performix SSTAccording to its manufacturers, thermogenics work on the human body on different levels by accelerating the human metabolism so that food intake is metabolized much quicker than it normally would.

Performix SST (both powder and pills) is presented as a system that triggers the process of thermogenesis in the human body.

Containing Niacin, Caffeine and Vitamin B-12 among other ingredients, the supplement is meant to modify bodily functions, so as to optimize overall performance.

Advertising suggests that the whole process consists of several steps that include:

  • The Introduction Phase that is supposed to increase the production of body heat and improve mental focus and clarity.
  • The Chill Phase follows the initial stage when body heat turns into peripheral heat transfer.
  • The Block Phase aims at filtering the negative nutrients and sustains the increased metabolism rate.
  • Transition Phase which aims at supporting the body’s physical and mental energy production by releasing a large dose of B-12.

Even when the process is depicted as being more complex than most other types of supplementation, it is natural to wonder how it would be possible for the same product to generate so many different chemical reactions in the human body.

Manufacturers explain this kind of technology as having delayed release functionality. Nonetheless, there is yet no scientific prove that these reactions actually occur in users.

About The Company

The manufacturers of Performix SST are Performix Inc. a Denver-based American company that offers plenty of information (or so they say) on their website.

Even when Performix is made in FDA-approved facilities, some serious organizations like the Mayo clinic have expressed their concern over this product’s safety.

What is a matter of concern is the amount of chemical substances used to make this product, many of which have direct effects in the human brain, nervous system and cardio respiratory systems.

Performix SST and its Side Effects

Fortunately and thanks to communication technology, potential users of this (or any) product can find out about the risks involved in taking this supplement before it is too late. These are some of the most significant side effects listed by reviewers over the world.

  • Upset Stomach: Some users reported to have felt nauseous and bilious right after taking the product for the first time. Contrary to what the label reads, they did not feel any better as the treatment advanced.
  • Excessive Perspiration: Although not serious, some reviewers claim to have felt sweaty palms and experience an increase in body odor, especially during workout.
  • Dehydration: Linked to the previous symptom, some individuals experienced such heavy sweating, that they eventually became dehydrated. This is a serious warning users should be careful with.
  • Jitters: A feeling of nervousness and increased shaking is common among users.
  • Heart-related Symptoms: Due to the presence of bitter orange, Performix can cause an increase in blood pressure and increase the risk of a heart attack.

Word to the wise; dieters who are considering to go on Performix should check with a health specialist first as their side effects can be really serious.