Performix StimFree Side Effects & User Reviews

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Performix StimFree steps in to promote weight loss with a series of ingredients and technologies that no one has ever heard of. Most of them are hard to understand and they are produced by the manufacturer.

Performix StimFreeZychrome, Phytosome, GreenSelect and Capsimax are all copyrighted names. The general idea is missed, so no one knows precisely how the weight loss is conducted. There is one thing to appreciate the manufacturer for – at least it came with something new.

The label is quite confusing, but at least you can see some of the ingredients – vitamins B6 and B12, chromium and niacin. Daily values have not been calculated for all the new technologies and formulas, yet the manufacturer claims on clinical and deep research studies.

About the Manufacturer

Performix has never really stood up in the crowd with its products, yet they benefited from good marketing campaigns. This says all about their quality. The new technologies are shady and do not provide too many details. The manufacturer mentions some extracts and natural ingredients, but the entire label is meant to confuse – plenty of numbers, percentages and unknown words.

None of its products is FDA approved and this one makes no exception either. If you can find any FDA claims, they are fake. Why? Easy – FDA does not regulates supplements. Another fishy aspect is the fact that daily values have not been calculated for these new formulas, yet there are all kinds of numbers mentioned in their descriptions. This says all about the so-called clinical studies.

Side Effects of Performix StimFree

The Performix StimFree side effects are extremely diversified. It is probably a front runner when it comes to weight loss supplements with adverse reactions. Only the fact that vitamin B12 provides 4,167% of the daily dose is convincing enough to stay away from this supplement.

  • Abnormal red cells: Specific forms of anemia can be treated with vitamin B12, but is side effects are exquisite and demand professional recommendations.
  • Hereditary eye diseases: The Leber’s disease is a hereditary eye disease that will seriously aggravate and lead to blindness when exposed to vitamin B12.
  • Synephrine: Extracted from bitter orange, synephrine causes increase heart rat and blood pressure, palpitations, fainting and even heart attacks in perfectly healthy patients.
  • Ashwagandha: This ingredient leads to vomit, diarrhea and stomach related problems. The same Performix StimFree side effects are given by yohimbe, which also leads to high blood pressure, dizziness, headaches, bloating, insomnia and anxiety.