Phase8 Side Effects & User Reviews

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Phase8If we’re honest, we need to admit that discovering a legit protein power is never simple. Besides being economical, it also needs to get the job now; that is- be legit!

So what about Phase 8? Is it legit or nothing but hype? What about the taste? What makes this shake powder so special? Will it hold up to serious testing and customer reviews? What about side effects? Does Phase8 have any? Let’s find out.

Manufactured by Muscletech, Phase8 hypes itself as being the top protein powder that you will find in the industry. But is it worth the expensive price tag? Or is it just snake oil in powdered form?

The truth is, Phase8 does taste darn good, no matter which flavor you chose: Peanut butter chocolate; milk chocolate; white chocolate; cookies and cream; vanilla and strawberry- all are scrumptious. But does that also mean they get the job done protein-wise?

It is also thick and creamy, mixing well with both water and milk; gets grainy a wee bit, though- not the best consistency in the world. However, that still doesn’t tell us whether or not this gives you the protein you are looking for.

The price doesn’t seem so bad at first,with regards to the list of ingredients. And according to the directions found in the package, you’ll get 104 gram of daily protein, just from the shake alone. However, the directions require you to consume so much of the product each day (four times daily), each container only lasts twelve days, and that gets expensive.

Now how about side effects? Well, unfortunately- you end up paying a pretty penny for a power shake that also gives nasty side effects for a pretty penny. Users of Phase8 have commonly complained about an upset stomach- not what you want from a protein shake that you are supposed to take four times a day! What’s more, studies show that Phase 8 also can bring about a drop in calcium and higher cholesterol.

Such Phase8 side effects should pretty much turn you off to even trying this product, without even worrying about the prohibitive price.