Six Pack Sleep Side Effects & User Reviews

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Six Pack SleepThe manufacturers of muscle-growing supplements who guarantee that they can turn puny guys into the next ‘Arnold’ are facing a scolding from advertising watchdogs, and Six Pack Sleep is one of the chief culprits.

This product and its makers are not only facing negative publicity for its misleading marketing campaign, most prominently about the side effects found in Six Pack Sleep.

Now, it’s quite common, if misleading, to have advertisements with false ‘before and after’ pictures of guys claiming to have used the product. That’s the oldest gimmick in the book. However, failing to properly advise clients on potential side effects from using your product? That should be/is a big no-no.

However, the spokesperson for Six Pack Sleep, the famous YouTube bodybuilder, Michael Chang, stands by the product that he endorses, claiming that with the right daily habits and regular exercise, Six Pack Sleep is guaranteed to help get you results.

Yet, in zero instances has the Michael Chang or the manufacturers of Six Pack Sleep made the public aware of possible side effects from taking their product.

But what the heck is the product anyway? Well, other than more or less being body-building snake oil, the manufacturers claim that it is an all-natural sleep that helps balance hormone levels to promote a healthy sleep cycle for maximum fat loss. So even though technically it’s not a weight-loss supplement pill, it supposedly promotes weight loss by making sure your body gets enough rest each night.

The four main ingredients found in Six Pack Sleep, which supposedly guarantee a good nights sleep, and thus, weight loss, include GABA, Magnesium, Valerian Root Extract and Melatonin.

However, Six Pack Sleep can actually quite often cause (sometimes extreme) stomach discomfort and nausea. Even though the manufacturers now claim that these side effects usually disappear within a day or two, it’s a bit of, ‘too little, too late’ ; so now they are admitting that taking their product does cause side effects?

Sorry Mr. Chang, I think you’re promoting a bum product there- but hey! They’re paying you, and it’s only your reputation at stake, right?