Slimify Side Effects & User Reviews

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Available in capsules only, Slimify has hit the market as a solid weight loss supplement for those who want to manage their weight by the book. What does the manufacturer promise? Exactly!

SlimifyThe world. They all do. If you are familiar with such things, you probably know the old fashioned claims – a fast metabolism, a deep appetite control and extra focus.

This is exactly what Slimify seems to be about, yet it does not mean that you should take the producer’s words for granted. After all, no manufacturer will ever come up with negative reviews regarding its products.

All in all, Slimify is mostly based on vitamin D and iodine in excessive doses – 250% and 267% of the daily value. It also has garcinia cambogia, chitosan, African mango, green tea leaf extract and raspberry ketones.

It is a blend of all the products that were promised to make the difference over the past few years. The label also mentions other ingredients with chemical names.

About the Manufacturer

Slimify is created by SirenLabs. There is not too much information available over the Internet about this manufacturer. It does have some extra products too, so it is not new at all. Given the low popularity, its products must have proven to be worthless. None of them has been accepted by the FDA.

If you can find any claims of such approvals, they are fake. The FDA only deals with medical products. The Slimify side effects have not been evaluated, just like there are no clinical tests behind it.

The manufacturer’s reputation is not the best in terms of customer service though. More consumers complain that once they purchase the product, customer service becomes irrelevant. Maybe because the product is less likely to work, so representatives know that no one will return.

Side Effects of Slimify

The Slimify side effects are mostly caused by garcinia cambogia, which is also used in medications. At the same time, the excessive dose of vitamin D is not to be overlooked either.

  • Excessive blood calcium: When taken in high doses over long periods of time, vitamin D will increase the levels of calcium in the blood.
  • Kidney problems: High levels of calcium are often related to kidney diseases. At that point, calcium levels must be thoroughly monitored round the clock.
  • Atherosclerosis: This is yet another harsh side effect of excessive vitamin D. It relates to hardening of the arteries.