Super HD Side Effects & User Reviews

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Produced and commercialized by Cellucor, Super HD has created quite some buzz before being released. Some people were barely waiting for it – probably because of being tired of trying anything they could find for weight loss.

Super HDWhat does this product do? Simple. It is said to make you look unbelievable – no fat, extra muscle and tone. Apart from working out and adopting a healthy diet, the necessity of supplementation becomes obvious.

The manufacturer tries to adopt a holistic approach by talking about the power of mind too, but those who have tried to lose weight can probably admit that it is less likely to help.

Super HD was released in 2013. Its ingredients are supposed to boost the fat metabolism, help in controlling appetite and prove more energy.

Two capsules are recommended on a daily basis. Some of the main ingredients include niacin, vitamins B6 and B12, caffeine, rauwolflia extract, red pepper fruit, dandelion root and tuber fleece flower root, among many other ingredients – some of them with chemical names.

About the Manufacturer

Cellucor is not FDA approved because FDA does not approve supplements without medical claims. Instead, it might disapprove them if there are too many complaints against them. Although you might find some claims that SuperHD is FDA approved, you should know that it is not.

Cellucor did have some issues with the FDA back in 2012 though. Along with GNC and Woodbolt, Cellucor was accused of misleading potential customers regarding the DMAA based composition of some of its supplements. It seems that the DMAA in some supplements was “wholly synthetic, manufactured and not derived”. So long for a good reputation.

It is worth noting that products that are not FDA approved are less likely to be thoroughly researched, despite their manufacturers’ claims. There is no clinical test to back the Super HD claims, not to mention evaluating the Super HD side effects.

Side Effects of Super HD

The Super HD side effects are mostly given by the actual ingredients.

  • Blood pressure: Blood pressure might skyrocket in those who also drink coffee due to the high amounts of caffeine in green tea. Similar side effects may occur in those who are not used to this ingredient.
  • Jitters: Jitters can also be caused by caffeine because it is a powerful stimulant that boosts the metabolism. Nervousness is also associated with jitters.
  • Dizziness: Often associated with headaches, dizziness is caused by the toxins released by fat. While this supplement will not turn you lean overnight, these Super HD side effects can definitely become bothering.