TestoRipped Side Effects & User Reviews

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TestoRippedTestoRipped is a diet pill that’s touted as a hardcore fat burner. Judging from its name, this weight loss product seems made from the ground up for men, specifically men who want to build strength and muscle. But does it really deliver? Is it the hardcore fat burner that active, bodybuilding men need for massive muscle and strength gains? It doesn’t look like it.

For starters, the diet pill’s manufacturers use the same old “proof by association” for their product. They tossed a lot of ingredients to the formula and “backup” every ingredient with a quoted clinical research that shows how effective the ingredient is for losing weight and gaining muscle.

Now, there are 2 things that wrong with this approach: First, there’s no guarantee that an ingredient will function like it does individually when mixed with other ingredients. What’s worse however is that the manufacturers don’t tell you how much of each ingredient is contained, covering under a “proprietary mix” known as “Strength Enhancing / Muscle Building Matrix.”

It’s possible that they’ve added the smallest amount of the most important and expensive ingredients, while filling it with cheap fillers. And if they did, there’s no way we can tell!

Now, there are ingredients whose quantities are stated as mandated – like Vitamin B12. TestoRipped contains 1250mcg of Vitamin B12 per capsule, and with the recommended intake of 4 capsules a day, that would bring up your B12 consumption to 5000mcg at least – were not counting what you get from your diet.

And this is alarming as it means getting 833 times more Vitamin B12 than what health experts and the government recommends. That’s a massive serving, and one that could lead to 3 times increased risk of prostate cancer. Perhaps it’s not justified to say that prostate cancer is one of TestoRipped side effects as there are no reports yet, but do you really have to wait for one?

Studies are yet to be done regarding the effectiveness of the diet pill, making it impossible to pinpoint TestoRipped side effects. However, the manufacturers themselves published a long list of people who should avoid it so be sure to check that out.