Thermo CLA Side Effects & User Reviews

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Released by GNC, Thermo CLA is a supplement supposed to help consumers lose weight. The diet support formula has two primary goals – boosting the metabolism and increasing the energy levels.

Thermo CLAIt comes with a solid thermogenic formula based on CLA. CLA stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid. Although it has a series of benefits, the CLA should not be abused either. The supplement is available in softgel capsules. The money back guarantee is encouraging enough for those who take everything for granted.

When it comes to actual ingredients, Thermo CLA is based on conjugated linoleic acid, but it also includes caffeine, L-carnitine, vitamin E and green tea leaf extract.

Some ingredients draw more attention though – glycerin, caramel color, gelatin and titanium dioxide, especially among consumers who do care for what they are about to take. The manufacturer claims that Thermo CLA has no sugar, sodium, preservatives, wheat and gluten.

About the Manufacturer

Thermo CLA is just one of the multiple GNC supplements on the product. The company was established in 1935 as a small store dealing with honey and yogurt. According to its own website, it is the largest retailer of nutritional products in the world. Its reputation “thinks” differently.

First, there are no clinical trials (or at least no public studies) regarding its products. Second, it is not approved by the FDA because the FDA does not deal with supplements.

The statements on the official website were proven to be completely worthless. Independent studies featured in Forbes and other magazines prove that GNC products have nothing in common with the claims.

Forget about all those extracts, amino acids and naturist products. Instead, they were proven to contain cheap fillers like soy powder and wheat. Along with GNC, the study has also targeted supplements at Walgreens, Walmart and Target.

Side Effects of Thermo CLA

The Thermo CLA side effects are not caused by some wonder chemicals, but by having the wrong doses. Also, despite the claims, the supplement does not have any proven appetite suppressants in its formula.

  • Metabolic disorders: Metabolic disorders are caused by high doses of conjugated linoleic acid. When taken from a healthy diet, the dose varies between 15 and 175mg. The dose in this supplement is way higher than that. Metabolic disorders may cause diabetes.
  • Bleeding: Given the CLA capability to thin blood, it is less likely to clot, so bleeding will naturally occur. The situation is severe in those who undergo surgeries.