Xpel Side Effects & User Reviews

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That the market is full of hundreds of different weight loss products is nothing new. That most of those products are not only ineffective, but also potentially dangerous to people’s health may be an understatement if one takes a look at the many adverse effects associated to certain products.

XpelFew other products generate such controversy as diuretics do. For one thing, some of these types of medications have been restricted to patients who suffer from serious conditions, such as heart-relate issues, high blood pressure or diabetes.

Moreover, only physicians should be able to prescribe diuretics to their patients. Perfectly healthy people on the other hand, have no business whatsoever tampering with their urine production in an uncontrolled way.

What is Xpel?

Just like any other water pill, Xpel works by helping the body get rid of excess salt and unneeded water through the urine. According to the advertising behind the pill, Xpel is a powerful, yet natural way of helping the body eliminated unwanted minerals.

Moreover, the pill is advertised as being able to help people increase muscle definition thanks to its “extreme muscle-defining formula”.

Even when nowhere in the label on Xpel can people read anything about its fat-burning properties, they resort to this pill in their quest towards the perfect bodies.
Furthermore, vital electrolyte balance is promised together with the diuretic advantages. This formula is said to help maintain muscle performance and muscle fullness.

Something about the Company

MHP has been marketing and selling nutritional supplements since 1997. Some of the products are so popular that the company is sometimes associated with innovations in this field, especially among bodybuilders and gym mongers who are looking for the latest breakthrough to come out.

Though allegedly tested and documented, the effects claimed to be linked to this product have not yet been thoroughly proved and even when the company’s facilities have been approved, some of their products have not.

The Truth about Xpel’s Side Effects

  • Headaches: Due to its high caffeine content, it is natural for users to feel all the symptoms linked to coffee consumption; jitters, headaches, blurred vision, dizziness migraine, shivers and insomnia.
  • Dehydration: Perhaps one of the most common unwanted symptoms; users have reported to suffer from dehydration, especially during workout sessions. Users are warned to increase their liquid intake while taking this pill.
  • Kidney Failure: The most severe symptom of all; kidney failure results from excessive use of diuretics. Whereas it is good for the body to get rid of waste, it is dangerous to wash away all kind of mineral content from the body.
  • Extreme Tiredness or Weakness: Contrary to what bodybuilding fans would wish, these pills have been reported to cause extreme tiredness among users. This symptom is linked to medication adjustment. However, professional consultation is imperative if the symptoms persist.
  • Excessive Perspiration: Some people have reported to feel uncomfortable by the amount of sweat and the quality of the body odor.

Finally, potential users should seriously consider another option, as the list of Xpel’s side effects is too long to ignore.