Zero Carb Isopure Side Effects & User Reviews

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Ready-to-drink diet supplementation products have risen in popularity over the past years. Offering all the supplementation benefits, plus the comfort of not having to prepare them, these drinks appeal to people’s sense of practical weight control. But is this really so?

Zero Carb IsopureZero Carb Isopure is advertised as liquid protein made with pure Ion exchange whey protein. The main aim of the product is to build muscle and enhance bodily performance. According to its manufacturers, this protein drink can be taken both, before or after a workout session.

As an extra appeal, Zero Carb Isopure comes in several different flavors, such as melon, raspberry, coconut, mango or grape. At only160 calories per serving, the drink promises to help users create more muscle tissue while helping them keep cravings under control.

Something about the Company

Zero Carb is one of’s most widely-known products. Based in Bosie Idaho, the company was founded in 1999 by current CEO Ryan DeLuca when he was only 21. Like many other whizz kids of his generation, DeLuca started out by selling creatine supplement right out of his garage.

Specializing in dietary supplements, the company is much more than just another retail store selling on internet. In fact, they now sponsor one of the largest websites, publishing permanent streams and promoting the greatest bodybuilding events.

This story of success should say something about the company’s prestige. Unfortunately, it does not. Even when is more popular than most other supplement sales companies, some of the substances they use are not different from other similar supplements.

Having whey as one of its first ingredients, this protein drink has been linked to several unwanted effects. Those who are worried about the product’s safety should know that the whey protein isolate used to make this drink is a food additive related to whey protein concentrate.

Even when the FDA approves this ingredient as GRAS (generally recognized as safe), some care should be taken, especially among people who suffer from food allergies or who have a record for kidney failure.

Zero Carb Isopure’s Side Effects

Even if getting more protein sounds good, the truth is that too much protein can be harmful for your body. A Harvard study suggests that exceeding your daily protein requirements may be counterproductive to the human body because this makes kidneys work harder.

Besides this warning, there is a list of side effects associated to the consumption of this protein drink. Here are the most common claims:

  • Food Allergies: Since whey protein comes from milk, people who are allergic to milk or its by-products should probably stay away from this drink.
  • Medical Combinations: By behaving as a binder, whey may affect the way certain medication is processed in the human body. Checking with a physician is a wise choice for those who will use Zero Carb.
  • Choking Hazard: One of the scariest side effects linked to taking this drink is that there have been reports of people who have experienced extreme inflammation of the throat.