Skinny Fiber Side Effects & User Reviews

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Finding the right dietary supplementation product may be a challenge to many people. Especially for those dieters who have tried all sorts of commercial brands, only to learn that they were useless.

Skinny FiberFrustration is high enough as it is, but the truth is that not only do many of these supplements fail to do their job, but also manage to put people’s health at risk.

Skinny fiber is a fiber supplementation product based on the popular Glucommanan substance. Glucommanan came to be known as the supplement used to create satiety in the dieter’s body. It has also gained a lot of notoriety thanks to its ability to expand in the stomach.

The physical explanation to support this use is simple enough: Glucommanan is a dietary, water-soluble fiber that expands in the stomach and prevents people from feeling hungry. Of course they do. After all, who may want to eat with a ball of fiber in your tummy?

Advertising claims that the product also has strong detoxification and antioxidant powers, though no scientific studies are able to support this affirmation.

Instructions on how to take Skinny Fiber suggest that dieters take two pills twice a day, before lunch and dinner. A bottle contains a month’s supply of tablets and even when the product is advertised as being fairly-priced, reality shows that it is too costly when compared to other sources of fiber available on the market.

Besides, the proprietary blend is not fully explained and labeling is not clear, at all, thus raising suspicion on the product’s real content.

Commercial Aspects of Skinny Fiber

Skinny Fiber is produced and sold by Skinny Body Care in the US. Owned by Iconz Global Network, LLC, this company has a website through which information can be accessed fairly easily.

What is surprising though is that the actual products cannot be purchased there. This means that potential shoppers should look for Skinny Fiber somewhere else, for example Amazon or e-Bay.

Even when Glucommanan as a supplement is being analyzed for approval, it has not yet been approved by the FDA as a weight loss supplement, let alone Skinny Fiber.

Moreover, when looking for information on the company, it is surprising to find that the facilities where the Skinny Fiber headquarters are located are barely a small dab somewhere in a shopping center. Finally, the company was given a poor BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating (F) mainly due to its lack of customer service support.

Skinny Fiber’s Side Effects

  • Strong Choking Hazard: Such a large amount of water-soluble fiber is bound to expand when in contact with liquids. This may be the reason for the many reports warning against choking.
  • Upset Stomach: Heartburn, acidosis, burping, nausea, vomiting, excessive gas and loose stools are also common symptoms among users of Skinny Fiber.
  • Headaches and Jitters: Even when the product contains no actual caffeine, it does include cha de Bugre as a stimulant and this substance is known to cause these symptoms.

Finally, SkinnyFiber’s side effects make the product unworthy of being considered risk-free.