SlimQuick Pure Side Effects & User Reviews

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Slimquick is another diet supplement product that has gained a lot of popularity as of late, mainly due to its alleged weight-loss properties.


In this sense it is pretty much like many other supplements. Even so, can dieters trust Slimquick Pure and overlook its many side effects?

What is Slimquick Pure?

Advertised as being an effective over-the-counter diet supplementation pill, this product is supposed to provide dieters with additional benefits to the ones obtained from a healthful lifestyle.

As opposed to many similar products, Slimquick is meant to be 100% natural, thus containing no dangerous substances in its formula. This is why many dieters turn to these tablets, in the belief that their dieting struggle will be alleviated with the help of natural innocuous substances.

Slimquicks’ main ingredients are caffeine and green tea and although these may be natural ingredients, the recommended dose causes (three pills every take) these stimulants to add up in the body. The company claims that the pills help dieters to boost energy, reduce appetite and stress and increase hormonal functionality.

One of the benefits manufacturers speak about is the product’s availability; the product is not only easy to find, but also quite affordable. Some users though, claim that even when the price is low, the ingredients can be purchased in a local diet store separately at a much lower price.

Who Makes Slimquick Pure?

Created in 2006, Slimquick Laboratories are the manufacturers of this supplement. Since they make natural supplementation products, the FDA has nothing to say about these pills (The Food and Drug Administration can only rule on food and drugs, and this supplement is neither).

However, the Better Business Bureau has given the Wilmington, DE-based Labs an F rating, mainly because of its failure to give a satisfactory answer to some of its customers’ claims. With six complaints closed (two of which remain unattended) the company is presented as unreliable.

Slimquick Pure’s Side Effects: the Facts

This company has faced two main types of complaints; the product is ineffective and it causes adverse side effects on its users. Unfortunately, lack of efficacy is a common claim among weight-loss supplements, yet cause no further harm than its failure to work.

Side effects on the other hand, are a quite a different type of issue as it involves risking people’s health. Slimquick Pure has been linked to many side effects, some of which are potentially hazardous to dieter’s overall well-being.

These are the most relevant side effects reported in hundreds of reviews:

  • Upset Stomach: Stomachaches, side pains, nausea, sideburn, vomiting, increased bowel mobility and diarrhea.
  • Anxiety: many users claim to have felt anxious, jumpy and jittery since they started taking these pills. Other caffeine-related symptoms list headaches, migraines and sleep disturbances, such as insomnia and nightmares.
  • Heart-related Symptoms: accelerated heart rate, breathlessness and high blood pressure have been reported by users nation-wide.

To conclude, even if this supplement were effective, its side effects are too evident to oversee by anyone who wishes to keep their weight under control.