Ubervita W700 Side Effects & User Reviews

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Ubervita W700Ubervita W700 is a weight loss pill whose manufacturer claim that their product increases your body heat promote a faster metabolism. The manufacturer, Ubervita, is a firm that claims to be a “premiere sports nutrition apothecary”. No other info or details.

The firm offers no company history, location, or other details. They do state that their goal is “to unlock strength, endurance, and ultimate physical capabilities through sports nutrition.” That’s swell, however, customers should not mix up this statement with their own goal. Rather, those for a weight loss supplement should ask themselves whether this product is actually for them.

Neither Ubervita main website nor their site for W700 have any info on what ingredients are found in this product. Rather, we had to splook around and find the answer on other websites. Yet even those consumerprotection websites had a hard time finding out the ingredients in this supplement. Not a good sign at all.

According to this secondary consumer protection sites, W700 contains Garcinia Cambogia, Beta Alanine, caffeine, Guarana Seed extrac, Capsicum, L- Arginine, Raspberry Ketones, Tribulus, Schizandra, Vitamin B6 and Urva Ursi.

Each of these ingredients cause mild to serious side effects. The following is just a simple sample of potential health dangers consumers might suffer:

Caffeine: known to impede sleep among consumers of this product as well as upset stomachs. What’s more, it often causes an irregular heartbeat and elevated blood pressure. If consumed in large doses, death is even possible.

Schizandra: can worsen intracranial pressure and cause epilepsy peptic ulcers and GERD.

L- Arginine: known to worsen the condition of herpes, increase mortality in the event of a heart attack and lower blood pressure.

Guarana Seed extract: with so much caffeine found in this substance, it acts as a double whammy regarding the side effects associated with caffeine consumption.

So in conclusion, Ubervita W700 would seem to be the poster child of a questionable and potentially dangerous product. With the lack of transparency regarding the ingredients in this product and the fact that these ingredients are so potential hazardous, it’s best to give this product a miss.